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We will be holding our annual player evaluations for Spring 2021 Minors/Majors players and residency and age verification for ALL players on January 30th (Cochise Elementary School from 10am-2pm) and February 2nd (Chaparral Park, Field #5, 5:30-8pm)

Cochise evaluation schedule for 1/30th:
10am - league age 12's
11am - league age 11's
12pm - league age 10's
1pm - league age 9's and an 8's wishing to be evaluated for potential consideration for Minors
*Please arrive 20 minutes prior to time slot.

Chaparral Park tryout schedule for 2/2:
5: 30pm - league age 9's and an 8's wishing to be evaluated for potential consideration for Minors
6pm - league age and 10's
7pm - league age 11's
8pm - league age 12's
*Please arrive 20 minutes prior to time slot.

Please sign up here to let us know what day your player will attend.  If you are unable to attend during an age-appropriate time block, please sign-up for an alternative time-block (e.g., LL 10-year old player comes to an 11-year old or 8-9 year old time block).

ALL PLAYERS regardless of age or division: Residency and age verification is required in person. Birth Certificates are to be original copies.  School enrollment forms are strongly encouraged to be utilized for residency verification (as alternative to 3 separate forms as explained below).

ALL MINORS/MAJORS players must participate in ONE of the two tryout events. Yes, even if your player was a player last year, he/she must be evaluated again to ensure parity amongst the teams at teh Minors and Majors level. Everyone makes a team, but the player evaluations ensure the drafting of players is fair and even.  Tee ball and Farm players do not get evaluated, rather they get placed on teams (and we try to honor teammate and coaches requests).

Parents are strongly encouraged to use the School Enrollment form (click to download). If your child's school is within the MRLL boundaries (ex: Kiva, Cochise, Archway Cicero/Great Hearts, Rancho Solano, Seqouya, Cocopah, Cherokee) you only need the school enrollment form and birth certificate. Have a school administrator sign it and give to us.

2. If your player has transferred to a school outside of the boundary but attended school within the boundary last year, please use the ii(d) waiver (click to download).

 If you live within the boundaries but attend school outside of it, please use the regular residency verification method.

Common Questions:
: We are looking to finish forming teams in these divisions in mid-February.  

: If your league age 8-year-old player is registered for farm but wishes to try out and play in the higher level of Minors, he or she may do so.  Please let us know via email if you intend to do so.

League ages may differ from actual age! Confirm your child's league age here.

Tryouts are a very fun activity where coaches match names and faces. All players league age 9-12 are selected to teams no matter what. Players will participate in the following drills: field ground balls from the shortstop position and throw to first base, field fly balls, baserunning, and hitting. Your age group will take approximately 1 hour and parents can finish the residency paperwork during this time.

Majors and Minors Team drafts will take place in early February. Majors teams will be drafted first. League Age 10-11-12 are eligible. All 12's no matter skill level are selected to Majors. Higher skill level 10's and 11's are also selected to this division although the number of 10's is usually very small, if at all. All remaining 9-11 year old players (and possibly high-level 8's) will be selected into the Minors draft. After that draft, all minors and majors rosters will be set and practices can begin.

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