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Beginning with the Spring 2019 season, the players and coaches that currently reside (or attend schools) within the North Scottsdale Little League (NSLL) boundaries will be included in the McCormick Ranch Little League (MRLL) pool of players and coaches for the regular season for all divisions (e.g. Tee, Farm, Minors, Majors and Juniors) of play under the “Combined Team” play rules. 

This Fall, the two leagues' governing boards agreed that playing under the "Combined Team" rules for Spring 2019 would offer the participants the best experience for all involved.  We want to provide as many opportunities for children to play baseball as possible. 

Click Here to read the announcement of this development and additional background information.

See the Frequently Asked Questions below for further explanation and don’t be afraid to reach out to our boards to ask any additional questions you may have.  We are so excited for this opportunity for our kids!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the major advantages for the McCormick Ranch LL (MRLL) community to combine with North Scottsdale LL (NSLL)?

A: As a league, we want to provide as many opportunities for children to play baseball (and softball) as possible.  We believe by combining teams in 2019, and then expanding the MRLL boundaries in 2020 to encompass NSLL's, we can offer a better experience for all families involved.  We believe the level of coaching and competitive play will be better in a larger league.  We also believe a larger league can produce greater financial resources, which in turn will be invested in the programs MRLL offers.  In addition, a larger league with access to 4 lighted fields allow for more consistent scheduling of practices and games, while avoiding the need to play inter-league games far away from the neighborhoods we serve.

Q: What are the major advantages for NSLL to combine with MRLL?

A: The answer is very similar to the “pro’s” noted for MRLL – i.e. it will provide more opportunities for children to play baseball and a better experience for all families involved. 

Q: How will the board be comprised?

A: We will continue to have our two respective boards, but begin immediately to work closely together.  All of the current MRLL board members’ continued leadership and involvement will be critical for the success of this plan.  Eventually we’d expect and hope that some parents from the current NSLL boundaries will join us on the MRLL board to help us run the larger league.

Q: What rules will we play under?

A: We will continue to play under Little League rules, adapted for any “Local Rules” for each division, as reviewed and approved by the MRLL board (or it’s delegated committee).  The MRLL and NSLL boards will work together to reconcile any differences in previous practices of the leagues.

Q: How will teams be determined/set up this year?

A: We will continue to have our player evaluations (“tryouts”) for players aged 9 and above (as well as 8 yr olds who want to be considered) for the Minors and Majors divisions.  Once again (and similar to how NSLL has done it in the past), we will hold evaluations for coaches to observe players on two dates in January (the 26th and 29th). (Note: To play in Majors, all players must attend at least half of the tryout dates).   Player Evaluations will be held at Cochise elementary again on Sat, Jan 26th and this year we'll also have an option of attending an evening evaluation on Jan 29th under the lights at Chaparral Park fields. No separate tryouts will be held at Cocopah.  That way all players will be in the same “pool” eligible to be drafted.  Coaches at the Majors level will draft their teams, made up of MRLL and/or NSLL kids, before Minors coaches will hold their draft – like we’ve historically done.

Farm & Tee ball teams will once again be manually assembled, taking note to try to honor specific requests made at the time of registration for certain coaches and teammates, as well as neighborhood proximity and common schools.  Again, teams may very well be a “mix” of combined NSLL and MRLL-boundary players.

Q: What impact will this have on the All-Star teams?

A: In 2019, we believe it will be the best idea to have each league compile their own All-Star teams for the 8-10, 9-11, and 10-12 (“Little League”) divisions for competition in the district, state and Western regional play.  If, for example, NSLL does not have enough players to field a team at one or more of those levels, there are mechanisms in place that if MRLL needed players, the MRLL could add NSLL players, but those situations are handled in a one-off manner.  It is not our intent to have combined all-star teams in 2019.  In 2020, provided the merger is approved by LL International, MRLL’s All-Star teams will be comprised of players from the entire combined geographic boundary.  We believe that the increased talent pool available for All-Stars will enhance the competitive experience for those families who wish to participate in the post-season tournaments in light of the growth of surrounding leagues (e.g. Arcadia, leagues in District 3, etc.).

Q: What is the likelihood that NSLL will change its mind and not want to be absorbed into MRLL next year?

A: In a word, remote.  MRLL leadership and NSLL’s President agreed that ultimately it makes the most sense for the leagues to combine, with MRLL being the “surviving” host league given its larger size of participants and volunteers.  We believe by playing under the “combined teams” rules for 2019, it will allow for our combined families and players to get used to the new opportunities and benefits of the larger league.  We also have strong confidence that our request to LL International will ultimately be approved, but it may take some time to work through that process.

Q: When would this plan go into motion?

A: Immediately.  The two league Presidents are working work with a AZ Little League District 6 Administrator to work on the ultimate steps towards merger, while also making the appropriate changes to their LL Data Center information to enable Combined Team play with MRLL as the host league for 2019.  From there, we need your help in getting the word out to register for LL under one (MRLL’s) registration website whether you are from NSLL or MRLL boundaries.  Registration for hte Spring 2019 season should open in November to begin building momentum for the coming season! 

Q: What will league fees be this year?

A: All players, regardless of where they live/go to school, will pay the same league fees. The 2019 Spring season league fees were set by the MRLL board at a level consistent with prior year.  NSLL's board President was consulted prior to those fees being set this year.

Q: All this sounds exciting.  Do we have enough people to help with coaching, managing the snack stands, coordinating registration and all the other events that go into making Little League such a fun experience for our kids?

A: All parents and guardians are encouraged to volunteer.  Please check out the Volunteer Page for opportunities and sign up to help!  We will need all the help we can get!

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